Monday, October 21, 2013

Ok so I finally find some time away from my busy schedule to get this done with. Sorry for the delay but I assure you this post is gonna be real as It can get...

Lets start with the new before we go out with the Old...
I recently discovered this new FroYo place within the vicinity of Koala in Osu... I first saw their faebook page and their opening event. Since I work close by I decided to go visit the place. Located within the same premises of Koala, basically upstairs is Ci Gusta. They serve Frozen Yoghurt , ice cream basically 2 flavors and they also serve up some waffles.
I have tried the waffles and its not bad on a good day. They have very pleasant staff and they basically serve a very creamy and soft FroYo with the options of various toppings from Kiwi, strawberry, blueberries etc etc
The FroYo comes in original and light varieties. They also serve cofee.
The environment and decor is very clean and relaxing.
Only 2 negative things I have to say about this place is they close when Koala shop closes so you wont get any yoghurt after 8.30/ 9pm
and a few weeks back they started prepacking and freezing their yoghurt..tried it once and blahhh never, but recently revisited and it seems they may have stopped. If they haven't just refuse to purchase the pre frozen one.

Ci Gusta
Sogurt Yogurt
Now lets resurrect the dead or basically the one living on Life Support if that's what they call it. Sogurt Yoghurt, I dont know if they have ever had better days or not, because if my memory serves me right a friend encouraged me to try their stuff when they first opened, I recall it was called Alibaba and it was supposed to be a yoghurt sundae or trifle of sorts with yoghurt cake etc, what i received that day was rather a machination of pure nastiness, a few spoonfuls and I  was over it and it was in the trash. I have taste aversions and if something strikes me us horrible once, it will take so much will and power for me to ever try it out ever again... fast forward to 2013 September, been working in a Clinic at the ANC for months now and the food court boasts of one of the most uninspiring eateries ever so I hardly patronize any eatery out there, I'll go into each establishment on a later blog.  Lets get back  to this sordid story, so a friend visited me at work and we just went strolling around and I don't know what hex drew me to enter Sogurt Yogurt but I ended up purchasing a Frozen Yoghurt or what i was meant to believe was Frozen Yoghurt which cost about 10ghc.  What i tasted was absolutely despicable, when did frozen yoghurt start tasting like a hybrid of ice slushy  and tasteless white blahhh, I cant even describe what suffering I had just put my taste buds through, one spoonful had me at Goodbye. I just paid them their coins and told them that was the worst "yoghurt" if that's what they call it I've ever tasted. Only good thing a friend told me was their cake which is overpriced i think 11ghc a slice. Aside that there this place I wouldnt recmmend to anyone to go try nothng there. I dont know if they lack management from the owner or what but something definetly is going wrong there which needs to be addressed ..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I like food in fact I love good food and I wouldn't bat an eye to spend good money on good food.
Ghana is booming and growing in the Restaurant and Eatery and Bar Industry. This blog is about Taste,  a perception of the Good the Bad and The Ugly. Where to go and where not to go. Where to spend your hard earned money or not. Over the years I have been to several places cause I enjoy eating out a lot. One thing I notice in Ghana is that the Services Industry are not accountable to anyone even the customer.. I noticed at times when bad services are rendered the I don't care mentality always creeps up. Maybe its because they know the customers don't have a voice and many Ghanaian's  will just not be bothered to complain. Well things are about to change.  Am not here to break or defame or popularize anyplace. This is basically my point of view, plain constructive criticism . Am not a gastronomy expert, but my taste buds are refined enough to be able to give my opinion. Join me on this journey on TasteGh ,enjoying Ghana one bite at a time.