Sunday, October 13, 2013

I like food in fact I love good food and I wouldn't bat an eye to spend good money on good food.
Ghana is booming and growing in the Restaurant and Eatery and Bar Industry. This blog is about Taste,  a perception of the Good the Bad and The Ugly. Where to go and where not to go. Where to spend your hard earned money or not. Over the years I have been to several places cause I enjoy eating out a lot. One thing I notice in Ghana is that the Services Industry are not accountable to anyone even the customer.. I noticed at times when bad services are rendered the I don't care mentality always creeps up. Maybe its because they know the customers don't have a voice and many Ghanaian's  will just not be bothered to complain. Well things are about to change.  Am not here to break or defame or popularize anyplace. This is basically my point of view, plain constructive criticism . Am not a gastronomy expert, but my taste buds are refined enough to be able to give my opinion. Join me on this journey on TasteGh ,enjoying Ghana one bite at a time.