Wednesday, November 13, 2013

La Tante DC 10 Restaurant Maiden Flight and Crash Landing

There has been mixed reviews about the acquisition of  an airplane  from Ghana's defunct airline Ghana Airways and it being converted to a restaurant.  This is my opinion and my experience thus far, albeit an interesting concept I have no issue with it being used as a restaurant considering the fact that the plane just lay to waste and rotting away.  This isn't about what is right or what is wrong, this is about what that restaurant is.

Firstly this may be harsh but this is what actually transpired on the 1st day in which La Tante DC 10 was opened to the pubic, This is my experience and I know some others will experience it differently but there is no excuse whatsoever for what transpired on that faithful Monday evening.

The restaurant is located at the Kotoka International Airport via the side access road and basically opposite the Marina Mall at the Airport City.  It sure can't be missed the plane is painted with a vomit of GREEN, which I  never understood why they were painting it such an unwelcoming color only for later a huge club beer poster was plastered on it. Advertisement perhaps but really seriously.

Monday 11th November La Tante DC 10 opens to the public..
Parking space is adequate.  We enter the restaurant and are warmly received and directed to our seats.  First impression the decor is very underwhelming, for such a great idea I was  woefully disappointed, aside the main entrance reception space which was okay.   The restaurant area consisted of airplane seats on each side and middle row areas had basic seats and tables. My question to myself was , could they not hire an interior decor for a consult to do the decor. P.s not forgetting the disco lights which lined the emergency exit lights that basically light up during airline emergencies. The experience of the decor is on par to a low rate restaurant with an upgrade of air conditioning.

The seats being its an old plane and basically economy seats are quite small and uncomfortable.Not forgetting this blackish thing which was above our table ( the baggage compartments) I pray it wasn't mildew or something.

After our drinks came we had to wait 20 minutes before our order was taking after we had approached other waiters to call our waitress to come take the orders.  The menu is very short and brief and limited.  I normally will ask how long food will take and I start timing from there. I was told my food will take 50 minutes whereas my friends will take 20.

The restaurant surely runs on Ghana Time, my friends food came after 40 minutes plus except for 1. After 50 minutes plus my food still hadn't arrived, by this time I was fuming but still keeping calm considering it was their first night although they cant be excusd for that, considering the restaurateur has at least 2/3 other restaurants so this isn't anything new to them , this is what a rookie restaurant can be excused for.  Mind you my friends ordered  a chicken sandwich and kelewele. Their review was that the chicken sandwich was horrible but the kelewele was nice. So I decided to have my food packed for take out because we had somewhere else to go. They ended packing my food along with my friends own. ( Most of the customers that were there ended up taking takeaways because they also had waited for a long time)

This is where "excuse me to say" the Nonsense hits the Fan. - I decided to open the food and taste it cos I was hungry at that point.

First bite, cold jollof rice, and am like uhhhhmm, next bite cold jollof and am like what is going on....
At this point am totally Over It. I head to the front desk and make it known to the waitress and waiter who were at that point struggling to calculate our bill. (Waiters and waitresses were a bit confused throughout the Night)
The manageress by my presumption was close by so I told her about the incident of Packed Cold Jollof. In her wisdom she tells  me ohh they are going to Microwave it and bring it back to me .... Pause pause... If I came here for microwaveable food I would have bought Epo and even that would have come piping hot.

I've tried to wrap my head around this incident and this is my conclusion. Sheer incompetence, I didnt even get an apology for what happened , I sure wasn't going to pay for the food, If they had microwaved it before presenting it to me fine, I would never have known; but to bring it to me for take out; cold, is beyond my reasoning.

If this airplane restaurant is following in the footsteps of the now defunct Ghana Airways, it wont be long before they find themselves as empty as the state in which they first acquired the plane.

This place currently in its state of affairs I wouldn't recommend for anyone.