Friday, November 29, 2013

"Pinocchio" Tells no Lies

Something positive this week, barely 3 weeks old, the latest gelataria in Accra is  Pinocchio. Located in Osu on the Embassy Road off Oxford Street, (opposite Firefly) a new addition to the sweet treats of the city. Not only does this joint serve one of the best if not the best Ice cream it doubles up as a Fast food and Restaurant, " La Piazza" which I shall subsequently have a review on soon.

The decor is clean and crisp colorfully designed down  to the waiters who I guess are dressed to resemble the puppet Pinocchio in his yellow and hot pink attire .  With seating space indoor and an outdoor terrace to dine in.

 Offering over 40 different flavors of Gelato Ice cream ranging from Passion fruit Stracciatella, Tiramisu, strawberry, mint, Lemon, 5 different kinds of chocolate amongst a whole array of other flavours. So far I have been able to try at least 10 flavors or so. The chocolate I selected though was a bit biter for my liking. The portion is adequately sizeable and price range from as low as 5Ghs to 10Ghs

If you desire Milkshakes too they are available in any flavor of your  choosing, I decided on the strawberry flavor , which was quite satisfying with some real pieces of strawberry inside the mix lol.

Beef Burger with Extra Bacon.

  A must try is the Beef Burger or the Pinocchio's Burger which is accompanied with a side of Fries and salad. This is not your ordinary junk food burger it was to me a bit more gourmet styled burger. Very juicy, filling and well done

Their menu includes, club sandwiches, Panini/Baguettes, Savoury Crepes, Omlettes, Salads and Pizza.
The Classic Club Sandwich- Chicken Tomato crispy bacon and lettuce

 So far I have visited this place a couple of times and although they have made little mistakes here and there it has been so far a pleasant experience and I would recommend you to try it out.