Sunday, December 29, 2013

Are we sheeshing or not..

This is gonna be a short rant because its late am bored and  I just have to vent and let of some smoke out here.
 So I decided to try Shisha Lounge since I guess am a bit of  hokah head. The interior is quite nice and there were actully a lot of people there because its Xmas etc etc..
I'll just go straight to the point. -- One of the worst Shisha I've ever done .. I could even taste kerosene or something of that sort and not the mint flavor I ordered. A few puffs and I was done.

I will go back there on a calm day though because for all you know the problem came from them having such a busy night.
But for now its a no no no.
For good shisha thats always on point try DNR Turkish Restaurant ask of Auntie Muna, Venus Bar ask of Eddie, Chase restaurant and Mystika ask of Elvis.
I shall review all these places this week so keep posted.