Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014- Its been a mouthful

All too soon the year 2014 is winding down, few more hours to go and it's not been an easy year albeit a fun culinary explorative one. 
I really don't know where to start from but would like to Thank all the foodies that have stuck through with me for a year and some change, the torture I put my followers who aren't in Ghana through... I know it's not easy.. Thanks to all the restaurants, bars , spots, chop bars and kelewele sellers for holding it down and keeping their standards on point. Thanks also to the Yawa restaurants for giving me the opportunity to rant and get you in check it was nice roasting you for the yawa services rendered lol. 
I have so much to be grateful for in 2014, starting off humbly in 2013 and looking back to how far I have come with something that I loved doing and how my followers and readers are grateful for the little that I can do to inform them of their choices in Ghana makes me proud. 
I can't wait for 2015 , will be bringing so much more and pushing the boundaries of food blogging and bringing more interactive features on TasteGh, won't want to spill all the beans before the newbies start replicating. Good luck to all the new foodbloggers creeping up am always open to give advice if u need it .

And always remeber to tell a friend to tell another friend about TasteGhana - Food Lovers Haven- Exploring Ghana one bite at a Time. And your feedback is always welcome along with any suggestions of where you would love me to try out and review. 

God richly bless you all . Happy New Year. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Chefs Cooking Club

It's been 8 weeks since they took flight and it's been full speed ahead. I always wanted to pass by and see what this new exciting thing was but the way people are marrying , 😉 each weekend was filled with one social brouhaha or another with the occasional funeral thing-Ashanti's like funerals- 

Little Chef's cooking club the brainchild of 'Miss Tracey' which strives to teach kids from Ages 2-12 that cooking can be fun , educative and creative. Each weeks lesson is themed and there are 3 age sub classes , 2 to5yrs...6-8yrs..9-12 yrs.

This Saturday was 'Junk Funk' and I was poised to attend one of their sessions and was it a day well spent with these energetic and enthusiastic kids, eager to learn and ever ready to eat what they cooked. 

I joined the 6-8yr group and were they well mannered, dressed in their chef regalia aprons and hat , they knew when to wash their hands before they cooked. They start of learning what they will be cooking and they had  colouring pages of burgers, fries and hot dogs to colour.

Each child is encouraged to let their creativity run wild and some really created some shapes with their beef patties 😃.

Great care was taking in supervising the grilling of the beef patties on flat grill but the older kids class which I stayed to join they are allowed to do so supervised. 

The kids wasted no time to devour their creations and they really enjoyed every bite. 

I enjoyed the experience as much as the kids did and it was a good way for the kids to have fun whilst learning , this gives  them a great way to spend their Saturday's. 

I for one learnt how to cook at a very young age more through visuals and these kids get a one on one/group experience which is great. Such things for kids puts Proverbs 22:6 into play. 

If you an interested in enrolling your child, niece, nephew you can contact Little Chef Cooking Club on 
Follow on Instagram @littlechefscookingclub 

The Club is planning a Christmas Special for December 5th, 6th and 13th and what a great gift it would be if you gifted a walk in lesson for a kid to have fun. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Best Posts

As usual I go into hiding now and then but this week I have had a lot of hits on this page. Yay. At least someone is reading. Leave a comment please. State your mind. Don't go too easy because I sure don't. 

This week I decided to repost some of our most liked pics from our Instagram page and I noticed that the most liked posts were authentic Ghanaian Dishes. 👏👏👏 some homecooked and some from restaurants. 

Good food always shines through, even if it's just a pic , that's why foodart and presentation is always key. 

From basics of common breakfast such as Hausa Koko and Bofrot. Where in Gh can u find the best ?

All the way from Kumasi one of my best spots to visit because it's one of the few u can find pork feet to buy and enjoy proper at EfiE Fufuo nothing compares. 

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Waakye stays winning, to each their own favorite though I can say the best in Gh or one of the best is Extra O waakye at Nyameke Junctioon, oops sorry not Auntie Muni 😹😹...

One of my favorite if not my most. I used to make this myself daily at a point hmm. Plantain version better than Yam or nah ? Lol. Eto with Koobi from Livingroom in East Legon, a must try. It's my bday month so this will definitely be featured  again. DoroEto

Bofrot/doughnut/puff puff ... More names de. Where can I find the best. The one at Asylum Down traffic light up and vanished. 

Sundays best . Omo Tuo is never the same without beans and stew or ... This is homecooked.

When I was younger this was my favorite and was a constant, now I can't really remember the last time I had this. All in all always a good meal. 

Nothing beats Saturday Home-cooked Fufu. Let the pic do the talking. 

For more check us out on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Thanks for your support. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bistro 22 - A Taste of the Good Life

It's been a while since I have been inspired to write something ,well this is one of those days where inspiration comes in abundance.  

I know I have been posting pics of food from Bistro 22 since they opened and I have encourage a lot of my friends and followers to go try it out based on good reviews from those that had been, I normally wouldn't have but the stamp of approval from my fellow foodies compelled me. 

It's funny how this place is a few meters from where I stay but each time I planned to go something came up. Well this weekend I was set to go.

But as usual Saturdays are my Fufu days at home , and after my heavy fufu with chicken light soup I was a bit hesitant to go but as they say 
the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". Still not  phased I headed to Bistro 22. 

Word of Caution- weekends are busy days , so I would advice anyone to make reservations before going, I didn't know that. 

It was a busy night most of the tables were filled with people standing , chatting , drinking . A bit confusing what to do when you enter. We were greeted by a waitress and told that all the tables were reserved and we should just wait a while etc etc but that's another convoluted story lets not get distracted. 

So we sat at the bar and Soaked in the decor as we ordered our drinks.
The decor is Rustic and tastefully done and organized. The bar foot rest was made from metal pipes, very cool. 

A lot of different wines to select for on the menu but we went for the cocktails. 

The frozen Strawberry Margarita was good but I would have loved it more frozen but ah well, cocktails range from 22ghc . 

The Mojito was ok but was too limy. 

The MaiTai was on point and strong, my kinda drink. 😜

After sitting at the bar for 20 minutes we finally got a table and ordered our food. The menu is on a clipboard which is cool. 

We ordered the Crunchy Chicken with Sweet chilli dip and a side of sweet potato fries and The Original Burger with Sweet potato fries .

Wait time approximately 20-30 mins tops.

Deciphering the Taste Buds

The Crunchy Chicken can either come as 4 strips but if you are lucky it will be 5 strips, this crispy, breaded chicken on its own doesnt pack a punch but when dipped and soaked a few seconds in the sweet chilli pepper dip you will have a new found appreciation of it. I don't need to talk much about the sweet potato fries, if you've not had that before and rather just our own 'atoomo' then you should try it if you ever dine at Bistro 22.

The Original Burger. Yes, there are quite a few good spots in Ghana where you can get equally good burgers, what made this different was the freshness of the bread and the beef patty which was not overly seasoned and was moist and juicy.

We finished of dinner with a slice of the tropical Cheesecake, Foodgasm if i must say, although the cheese layer was soft and moist I didn't mind it although some may like it a bit thicker, there was some coconut shreds too in the cheese. Glazed with a passion fruit jelly.

All in all it was a nice experience and I hope they can maintain the standards.
I highly recommend this restaurant /lounge.
Price range is mid-high and is exclusive of tax.

From my sources Bistro 22 is planning to have a little Al Fresco seating outside.

Comment from @awodee 

It was cool. The place is targeted to expats tho. The service was good. Just that my mojito was too limey... And if it wasnt for the sweet chilli sauce, the crunchy chicken starter wouldnt have been ahiaa. But the food was yummy. 

Pics are kind courtesy of @awodee, @joycysfoodiaries and other contributors to @Tasteghana
Here are other options you can try 

Cobb salad

Chicken and artichoke dip with Tortila

Salmon with Sweet potato fries

Breaded steak and fries

Thursday, June 19, 2014

About Town

USo I have been going to so many places and I normally post more on my Instagram but am gonna be writing more on here, I do have some notes down on paper but saving it for the website which will be coming out soon. 

Here are some pics of places I've been too this past few months and I'll try to give a little review on each meal. Enjoy , try these places out and give us feedback on Instagram / twitter on @tasteghana. 

Here we won a case of Stella Artois beer from Champs bar for predicting the scores for the Opening World Cup Match. One thing I like about this Sports Bar is they are always giving out freebies here and there. And you know where to find me most Thursday night where they have Trivia Night. 

Non Alcholic Cocktails from Bosphorous in Labone 11ghc each. After 5 and All American Lemonade. They sure tasted good.. Nibbled on some of their food. Will definitely go back to review their food. Atmosphere is great for Family and Date Nights. Go check it out 

Now this is something new in town . Bistro 22 , I haven't been to yet , I've seen the place and planning to go there soon. This is their Original Gourmet Burger with Sweet Potato Fries - 42ghc excl tax. This is a bit steep so it's most definitely a place to try for a special occasion . Pic kind courtesy of @joycysfooddiaries follow her on Instagram. 

Now this always comes in handy. Roasted Plantain popular known as Brokeman, you can easily find this in most areas but very common in East Legon where I call the Lagos Road street Brokeman Avenue. Goes well with peanuts and always a easy fix for lunch. Pic Credit :Unkown

This might be our logo. Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments and remember to Share this post. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

UnReserved Reservations - Why you shouldn't eat at Chase Lounge,Labone

So this was/is a live update from Chase Lounge and Sports Bar Labone. So today/yesterday is/was the much anticipated Ghana vrs Usa World Cup match and as usual most bars will be filled up , so I decide to arrange to meet up with friends at Chase Lounge which I frequently visit. So we get to the bar around 530pm and one of my friends was already there waiting on a bar stool. Mind you most of the tables and sofas have visible reservations posted on them .Yet I noticed that an array of tables on the side which had no reservations on it and there was a customer seated on one aspect , i decided to make my way to that side. I sit relax get comfy tryna get into my zone I order my drinks and my friend also comes to join me, Waitress comes serves us etc etc. We sit there for about 10-15mins when we are approached by one of the managers of the place. He comes waving in our faces a piece of paper with scribblings  on it saying that where we are seated has been reserved for customers and that we cannot be seated there hence we should get up. His best option for us was unseating us from our place and to be moved outside into the courtyard/outside area of Chase  basically we should go watch the match outside the Lounge. We kindly explained to him that there was no reservation place cards on the table etc etc and that isn't the way to do business because if the tables were indeed reserved just like all the others there; which had all been identified  with these place cards we would not have sat there. The manager kept on ranting and raving to my friend and at this point I was so vexed so I decided to zone out of this craziness and poor customer relations, the two managers had formed some sort of tag team insisting that we get up from where we were seated. 

Round 2 - I am Shisha the Elusive Hookah

They then moved to the next trickery of their disgusting game. So I chip in and say "we are here to watch the match and spend money too like all the other 'customers ' here and we frequent this place quite often and also we sitting outside is unreasonable. If we wanted to sit there we would have done so, knowing that even sitting inside some of their prices are at a higher price than outside for example their shisha. " To which he mumbles something to the point like "oh you are here to spend... Then goes on and says they are not serving any shisha in the lounge today." This is where I nearly popped a gasket , These managers were seriously hell bent on getting us outside, mind you the man sitting next to me had his hookah set next to him huffing and puffing and blowing flavors away, so did several other patrons in there, so I motion and point out to the manager that; "Hey what are you going on about is that not shisha that these other 'customers ' are enjoying so why is he telling us something to the contrary ,"  to which he replied "oh yeah they actualluy won't serve any shisha during the Ghana match and if they do serve it I should call him " ... They did actually serve loads of shisa to their 'reserved' clients when they came in for the Ghana match, I decided not to call him out there but to call these two Despicable managers out on this platform . 
Oh wait there is more.

Round 3- Get them out by Cover Charge 

So now these two 'Managers' now say to us "oh yeah everyone in the Lounge has / is going to pay 30 ghc to watch the matches and that are we willing to pay that amount to be in the lounge". Now this was getting a bit much I guess he felt he was talking to some basic illiterates who do not know their consumer rights, how can you now in the space of 30 mins decide to take a cover charge from your customers that are already seated and spending money in your bar. So we ask him has any of these other customers paid any cover charge to be in the lounge that now he wants to single us out to pay such a thing, and we absolutely were not having it at all. They kept on going back and forth without any reason whatsoever to even understand basic aspects of customer relations. 

Round 4 - Release the Kraken 

So after the back and forth exchanges with these two managers in a civilized manner in which I guess they were much surprised how well comported we kept ourselves in this discourse, they walked off, only for a few minutes later we see their well built bouncer waddling in towards our direction. "Intimidation by Muscle, I chuckled." So when the bouncer approaches  to ask us what's going on he recognizes  that we frequently come there, we calmly explain to him the situation and our stance, he later just walks off, knowing that we definitely were right in our stand off against what the 2 'Managers' were doing. 

In all this sheer and utter disgusting display by the managers they not only insulted us but also threatened to fire the waitress that served us drinks at the table, that we felt sorry about and told the waitress of the plans the managers had for her. Mind you from information that I had gathered from the waiters and waitresses of that establishment they are allegedly paid about 200ghc of which the management deducts 80ghc in anticipation of tips/ as tips - *baffled*

It's such a sad situation if the managers took that effort in which they tried to use to remove us into the actual quality and taste of their foods that would be Energy well spent.

It's even mind boggling how they felt very comfortable to try to treat us as second class citizens of all days to be proud to be a Ghanaian. This  was so reminiscent to me of something similar that happened to someone I know at Atlantic Lobster in Osu. I could go on and on but I shall leave you all to make your own decisions. They never apologized for their behavior nor did most of the so called reserved seats even get filled. 

Ask yourself what would Rosa Parks have done? We sat there watched our match paid our bill with our hard earned cash and left. 

The opinions/situations  raised in this write up happened barely 24 hrs ago and are in no way , shape or form fabricated to destroy and tarnish anyone's business but this is what I experienced alongside my friends. 

Reserved empty tables from 5.30pm till 9.30pm clearly labelled 

Our non labelled , unreserved table . The table in Question. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

I schooled in Kumasi for 7years and occasionally used to go there for Christmas. A lot of people presume there isn't much of a nightlife / good restaurants and places to hang there. Yes it may be limited somewhat but all you need is the right balance and to be in the know of where you should actually be going.. Thank goodness there are new places cropping up and am eager to try them out. Are there any other hidden gems you know off in Kumasi you would like me to go to. 

Monday, May 26, 2014


TasteGh is still on the road checking out all the new places to go and all the hot spots and bars. We creating a new website which will cater to all your needs. Keep checking us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.. Give us feedback and let us know where you would like us to check out and we sure will.. Have a Great Long Weekend.. And tag us in your pics for a repost. Spread the word we only going higher and bigger.. 
Will soon be looking for more team members to be part of Team TasteGh. If you interested leave a comment we will get back to you.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter GiveAway.. - Are you feeling Lucky

Who is feeling lucky.... I'll ask 3 questions today, and 2 simple tasks. 1 lucky person will win a bottle of Martini Royale.

Q1. What's Martini's Slogan/motto.

Task 1. Go like our Facebook page. *only eligible to those Living in Ghana.


Q2. How many types of Martini Royale are there.
Task 2. Repost our next TasteGhana follow pic and #tasteghana
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 Final Question of the Day- Luck is an attitude ..
Q3. What's the best accompaniment/garnish for Martini Royale Rosato... Winner will be randomly selected tomorrow .. #accra #ghana #accradays #accranights #martini @martini_official

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Interact, Leave a comment or suggestion

I need some inspiration , I need something new, I wanna go try something that I haven't tried before. Where do y'all think has the best waakye, jollof, burgers , restaurant experience , bars etc.. I need to try something new... Point me in the direction and I'll be sure to check it out... 
Leave your comments and suggestions below. Thank You. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Real Updates in Real Time - Champs Bar

So I got my blog app on my Fon .. So trying this out.. Am at the re branded Champs bar formally.. Lexington but formally Champs, confusing right.. Anywayz the atmosphere is good and the ACs are working just right, music is on point.. They run a happy Hour special on select drinks at half price from 5pm to 9 pm everyday... Food prices are encouraging.. The chicken wings are a must have and always juicy.. Today I tried the Lexington Burger.. Lol confusing right I'll call it the Champs Burger ... It comes with a side of Fries .. I'll rate it 6/10 cos the burger meat was a bit rubbery for me.. All things being equal it's good bar food... They have a nice array of different dishes and I'll try them as I will surely visit this place quite frequently.. Who doesn't like a prolonged happy hour ... 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coming soon

A few Hot topics will be posted up soon working on research and trying to taste what I can ... 
Watch this space.. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chasing me Out

So for the past few months I have been absent from all this ranting, I've been internalizing it all and maybe releasing a little bit here and there on instagram, no writers block here.
Lets go straight into the mix, for some months now I've been frequenting Chase Restaurant/Lounge/Sushi/tepenyaki/yuckyfood ; despite them being around for a while now. I recall when they first came into the food scene I tried the food there and was not impressesd at all, I started frequenting quite often because their shisha had considerably improved compared to most places in the locality, and I definitely wasn't going there for the food but from time to time the brain stops recalling bad memories and the body dares to venture again into the known depths of darkness. I double dipped.
Firstly I had one of their burgers forgot what name it was but it was really under-seasoned beef and tasted tasteless. I didn't bother with it much and let it slide, next I tried their Basic Fried rice and chicken; which I did make a mini rant on my instagram page @tasteghana . Imagine you go out and buy food and you find it difficult to finish the food not just that you are full but rather each bite you take literally kills you inside. The chicken was bland as if they put salt not to taste, no seasoning whatsoever, no amount of shito could save it, the rice was well greasy and surpassed its impoverished brother "Anwa Mu" / "Oil Rice".

I wasn't surprised though because it must be their standards, I did make a complaint but hmm... as per usual nothing was done about it..

 I hate to come back on such a bad note but my main issue is that they sort of reopened their Sports lounge with a daily happy hour from 5-7 which stated Buy a drink and get one free. As usual this drew them some new patrons some of which I introduced there and slowly more and more new faces were trickling in.  To my utter shock and dismay I pass through yesterday only to find out "ohh" they've stopped and they offer only that happy hour option on cocktails. I dunno why the Restaurant industry finds it difficult to maintain or sustain things that keep patronage but rather do things to push people out. As a result of their wise decision yesterday it was a Ghost town within the lounge.. empty ....

I'll only go back occasionally because their cocktails are nice especially the Mojito's.

Despite their flaws they have good shisha and their crunchy chicken sandwich is tolerable to  the taste buds, but dont go to Chase on Sundays it is very crowded and hmmmmmmm....

This blog was uploaded whilst relaxing at Chase with their free wifi .. LOL .

Monday, February 10, 2014

Am still here . 2014 -Bigger Things coming your Way

Happy New Year to everyone or anyone who finds his way here to read my rants and Raves. I have been  gone for a while but a lot of big things have been happening on the sidelines. You know you doing something right when the bars and restaurants start following you on instagram and hitting you up. Ghana is rising and Africa is rising, so many  new eateries and hangout spots have opened and are opening and cleaning up their acts too at that..
I have so much to talk about and cant wait to sit down and start letting it rip.
Watch out for Cake wars - featuring the Sugar Craft Queens making waves in the business with their creativity and innovation..
Watch out for Are we sheeshing 2 - Shisha Face Off
and watch out for more reviews on Restaurants like Rockefellas Grill and Sushi, Mama Clarisse Africa African Cuisine, T-Lodge and more.

Thanks for the support in 2013.. Its gonna be bigger in 2014 thanks to all of you.
Please kindly follow me on Instagram - @tasteghana
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Stay blessed, never settle for less and Enjoy Ghana, taste its richness.