Monday, February 10, 2014

Am still here . 2014 -Bigger Things coming your Way

Happy New Year to everyone or anyone who finds his way here to read my rants and Raves. I have been  gone for a while but a lot of big things have been happening on the sidelines. You know you doing something right when the bars and restaurants start following you on instagram and hitting you up. Ghana is rising and Africa is rising, so many  new eateries and hangout spots have opened and are opening and cleaning up their acts too at that..
I have so much to talk about and cant wait to sit down and start letting it rip.
Watch out for Cake wars - featuring the Sugar Craft Queens making waves in the business with their creativity and innovation..
Watch out for Are we sheeshing 2 - Shisha Face Off
and watch out for more reviews on Restaurants like Rockefellas Grill and Sushi, Mama Clarisse Africa African Cuisine, T-Lodge and more.

Thanks for the support in 2013.. Its gonna be bigger in 2014 thanks to all of you.
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Stay blessed, never settle for less and Enjoy Ghana, taste its richness.