Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chasing me Out

So for the past few months I have been absent from all this ranting, I've been internalizing it all and maybe releasing a little bit here and there on instagram, no writers block here.
Lets go straight into the mix, for some months now I've been frequenting Chase Restaurant/Lounge/Sushi/tepenyaki/yuckyfood ; despite them being around for a while now. I recall when they first came into the food scene I tried the food there and was not impressesd at all, I started frequenting quite often because their shisha had considerably improved compared to most places in the locality, and I definitely wasn't going there for the food but from time to time the brain stops recalling bad memories and the body dares to venture again into the known depths of darkness. I double dipped.
Firstly I had one of their burgers forgot what name it was but it was really under-seasoned beef and tasted tasteless. I didn't bother with it much and let it slide, next I tried their Basic Fried rice and chicken; which I did make a mini rant on my instagram page @tasteghana . Imagine you go out and buy food and you find it difficult to finish the food not just that you are full but rather each bite you take literally kills you inside. The chicken was bland as if they put salt not to taste, no seasoning whatsoever, no amount of shito could save it, the rice was well greasy and surpassed its impoverished brother "Anwa Mu" / "Oil Rice".

I wasn't surprised though because it must be their standards, I did make a complaint but hmm... as per usual nothing was done about it..

 I hate to come back on such a bad note but my main issue is that they sort of reopened their Sports lounge with a daily happy hour from 5-7 which stated Buy a drink and get one free. As usual this drew them some new patrons some of which I introduced there and slowly more and more new faces were trickling in.  To my utter shock and dismay I pass through yesterday only to find out "ohh" they've stopped and they offer only that happy hour option on cocktails. I dunno why the Restaurant industry finds it difficult to maintain or sustain things that keep patronage but rather do things to push people out. As a result of their wise decision yesterday it was a Ghost town within the lounge.. empty ....

I'll only go back occasionally because their cocktails are nice especially the Mojito's.

Despite their flaws they have good shisha and their crunchy chicken sandwich is tolerable to  the taste buds, but dont go to Chase on Sundays it is very crowded and hmmmmmmm....

This blog was uploaded whilst relaxing at Chase with their free wifi .. LOL .