Monday, June 16, 2014

UnReserved Reservations - Why you shouldn't eat at Chase Lounge,Labone

So this was/is a live update from Chase Lounge and Sports Bar Labone. So today/yesterday is/was the much anticipated Ghana vrs Usa World Cup match and as usual most bars will be filled up , so I decide to arrange to meet up with friends at Chase Lounge which I frequently visit. So we get to the bar around 530pm and one of my friends was already there waiting on a bar stool. Mind you most of the tables and sofas have visible reservations posted on them .Yet I noticed that an array of tables on the side which had no reservations on it and there was a customer seated on one aspect , i decided to make my way to that side. I sit relax get comfy tryna get into my zone I order my drinks and my friend also comes to join me, Waitress comes serves us etc etc. We sit there for about 10-15mins when we are approached by one of the managers of the place. He comes waving in our faces a piece of paper with scribblings  on it saying that where we are seated has been reserved for customers and that we cannot be seated there hence we should get up. His best option for us was unseating us from our place and to be moved outside into the courtyard/outside area of Chase  basically we should go watch the match outside the Lounge. We kindly explained to him that there was no reservation place cards on the table etc etc and that isn't the way to do business because if the tables were indeed reserved just like all the others there; which had all been identified  with these place cards we would not have sat there. The manager kept on ranting and raving to my friend and at this point I was so vexed so I decided to zone out of this craziness and poor customer relations, the two managers had formed some sort of tag team insisting that we get up from where we were seated. 

Round 2 - I am Shisha the Elusive Hookah

They then moved to the next trickery of their disgusting game. So I chip in and say "we are here to watch the match and spend money too like all the other 'customers ' here and we frequent this place quite often and also we sitting outside is unreasonable. If we wanted to sit there we would have done so, knowing that even sitting inside some of their prices are at a higher price than outside for example their shisha. " To which he mumbles something to the point like "oh you are here to spend... Then goes on and says they are not serving any shisha in the lounge today." This is where I nearly popped a gasket , These managers were seriously hell bent on getting us outside, mind you the man sitting next to me had his hookah set next to him huffing and puffing and blowing flavors away, so did several other patrons in there, so I motion and point out to the manager that; "Hey what are you going on about is that not shisha that these other 'customers ' are enjoying so why is he telling us something to the contrary ,"  to which he replied "oh yeah they actualluy won't serve any shisha during the Ghana match and if they do serve it I should call him " ... They did actually serve loads of shisa to their 'reserved' clients when they came in for the Ghana match, I decided not to call him out there but to call these two Despicable managers out on this platform . 
Oh wait there is more.

Round 3- Get them out by Cover Charge 

So now these two 'Managers' now say to us "oh yeah everyone in the Lounge has / is going to pay 30 ghc to watch the matches and that are we willing to pay that amount to be in the lounge". Now this was getting a bit much I guess he felt he was talking to some basic illiterates who do not know their consumer rights, how can you now in the space of 30 mins decide to take a cover charge from your customers that are already seated and spending money in your bar. So we ask him has any of these other customers paid any cover charge to be in the lounge that now he wants to single us out to pay such a thing, and we absolutely were not having it at all. They kept on going back and forth without any reason whatsoever to even understand basic aspects of customer relations. 

Round 4 - Release the Kraken 

So after the back and forth exchanges with these two managers in a civilized manner in which I guess they were much surprised how well comported we kept ourselves in this discourse, they walked off, only for a few minutes later we see their well built bouncer waddling in towards our direction. "Intimidation by Muscle, I chuckled." So when the bouncer approaches  to ask us what's going on he recognizes  that we frequently come there, we calmly explain to him the situation and our stance, he later just walks off, knowing that we definitely were right in our stand off against what the 2 'Managers' were doing. 

In all this sheer and utter disgusting display by the managers they not only insulted us but also threatened to fire the waitress that served us drinks at the table, that we felt sorry about and told the waitress of the plans the managers had for her. Mind you from information that I had gathered from the waiters and waitresses of that establishment they are allegedly paid about 200ghc of which the management deducts 80ghc in anticipation of tips/ as tips - *baffled*

It's such a sad situation if the managers took that effort in which they tried to use to remove us into the actual quality and taste of their foods that would be Energy well spent.

It's even mind boggling how they felt very comfortable to try to treat us as second class citizens of all days to be proud to be a Ghanaian. This  was so reminiscent to me of something similar that happened to someone I know at Atlantic Lobster in Osu. I could go on and on but I shall leave you all to make your own decisions. They never apologized for their behavior nor did most of the so called reserved seats even get filled. 

Ask yourself what would Rosa Parks have done? We sat there watched our match paid our bill with our hard earned cash and left. 

The opinions/situations  raised in this write up happened barely 24 hrs ago and are in no way , shape or form fabricated to destroy and tarnish anyone's business but this is what I experienced alongside my friends. 

Reserved empty tables from 5.30pm till 9.30pm clearly labelled 

Our non labelled , unreserved table . The table in Question.