Monday, August 4, 2014

Bistro 22 - A Taste of the Good Life

It's been a while since I have been inspired to write something ,well this is one of those days where inspiration comes in abundance.  

I know I have been posting pics of food from Bistro 22 since they opened and I have encourage a lot of my friends and followers to go try it out based on good reviews from those that had been, I normally wouldn't have but the stamp of approval from my fellow foodies compelled me. 

It's funny how this place is a few meters from where I stay but each time I planned to go something came up. Well this weekend I was set to go.

But as usual Saturdays are my Fufu days at home , and after my heavy fufu with chicken light soup I was a bit hesitant to go but as they say 
the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". Still not  phased I headed to Bistro 22. 

Word of Caution- weekends are busy days , so I would advice anyone to make reservations before going, I didn't know that. 

It was a busy night most of the tables were filled with people standing , chatting , drinking . A bit confusing what to do when you enter. We were greeted by a waitress and told that all the tables were reserved and we should just wait a while etc etc but that's another convoluted story lets not get distracted. 

So we sat at the bar and Soaked in the decor as we ordered our drinks.
The decor is Rustic and tastefully done and organized. The bar foot rest was made from metal pipes, very cool. 

A lot of different wines to select for on the menu but we went for the cocktails. 

The frozen Strawberry Margarita was good but I would have loved it more frozen but ah well, cocktails range from 22ghc . 

The Mojito was ok but was too limy. 

The MaiTai was on point and strong, my kinda drink. 😜

After sitting at the bar for 20 minutes we finally got a table and ordered our food. The menu is on a clipboard which is cool. 

We ordered the Crunchy Chicken with Sweet chilli dip and a side of sweet potato fries and The Original Burger with Sweet potato fries .

Wait time approximately 20-30 mins tops.

Deciphering the Taste Buds

The Crunchy Chicken can either come as 4 strips but if you are lucky it will be 5 strips, this crispy, breaded chicken on its own doesnt pack a punch but when dipped and soaked a few seconds in the sweet chilli pepper dip you will have a new found appreciation of it. I don't need to talk much about the sweet potato fries, if you've not had that before and rather just our own 'atoomo' then you should try it if you ever dine at Bistro 22.

The Original Burger. Yes, there are quite a few good spots in Ghana where you can get equally good burgers, what made this different was the freshness of the bread and the beef patty which was not overly seasoned and was moist and juicy.

We finished of dinner with a slice of the tropical Cheesecake, Foodgasm if i must say, although the cheese layer was soft and moist I didn't mind it although some may like it a bit thicker, there was some coconut shreds too in the cheese. Glazed with a passion fruit jelly.

All in all it was a nice experience and I hope they can maintain the standards.
I highly recommend this restaurant /lounge.
Price range is mid-high and is exclusive of tax.

From my sources Bistro 22 is planning to have a little Al Fresco seating outside.

Comment from @awodee 

It was cool. The place is targeted to expats tho. The service was good. Just that my mojito was too limey... And if it wasnt for the sweet chilli sauce, the crunchy chicken starter wouldnt have been ahiaa. But the food was yummy. 

Pics are kind courtesy of @awodee, @joycysfoodiaries and other contributors to @Tasteghana
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