Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Best Posts

As usual I go into hiding now and then but this week I have had a lot of hits on this page. Yay. At least someone is reading. Leave a comment please. State your mind. Don't go too easy because I sure don't. 

This week I decided to repost some of our most liked pics from our Instagram page and I noticed that the most liked posts were authentic Ghanaian Dishes. 👏👏👏 some homecooked and some from restaurants. 

Good food always shines through, even if it's just a pic , that's why foodart and presentation is always key. 

From basics of common breakfast such as Hausa Koko and Bofrot. Where in Gh can u find the best ?

All the way from Kumasi one of my best spots to visit because it's one of the few u can find pork feet to buy and enjoy proper at EfiE Fufuo nothing compares. 

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Waakye stays winning, to each their own favorite though I can say the best in Gh or one of the best is Extra O waakye at Nyameke Junctioon, oops sorry not Auntie Muni 😹😹...

One of my favorite if not my most. I used to make this myself daily at a point hmm. Plantain version better than Yam or nah ? Lol. Eto with Koobi from Livingroom in East Legon, a must try. It's my bday month so this will definitely be featured  again. DoroEto

Bofrot/doughnut/puff puff ... More names de. Where can I find the best. The one at Asylum Down traffic light up and vanished. 

Sundays best . Omo Tuo is never the same without beans and stew or ... This is homecooked.

When I was younger this was my favorite and was a constant, now I can't really remember the last time I had this. All in all always a good meal. 

Nothing beats Saturday Home-cooked Fufu. Let the pic do the talking. 

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