Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Chefs Cooking Club

It's been 8 weeks since they took flight and it's been full speed ahead. I always wanted to pass by and see what this new exciting thing was but the way people are marrying , 😉 each weekend was filled with one social brouhaha or another with the occasional funeral thing-Ashanti's like funerals- 

Little Chef's cooking club the brainchild of 'Miss Tracey' which strives to teach kids from Ages 2-12 that cooking can be fun , educative and creative. Each weeks lesson is themed and there are 3 age sub classes , 2 to5yrs...6-8yrs..9-12 yrs.

This Saturday was 'Junk Funk' and I was poised to attend one of their sessions and was it a day well spent with these energetic and enthusiastic kids, eager to learn and ever ready to eat what they cooked. 

I joined the 6-8yr group and were they well mannered, dressed in their chef regalia aprons and hat , they knew when to wash their hands before they cooked. They start of learning what they will be cooking and they had  colouring pages of burgers, fries and hot dogs to colour.

Each child is encouraged to let their creativity run wild and some really created some shapes with their beef patties 😃.

Great care was taking in supervising the grilling of the beef patties on flat grill but the older kids class which I stayed to join they are allowed to do so supervised. 

The kids wasted no time to devour their creations and they really enjoyed every bite. 

I enjoyed the experience as much as the kids did and it was a good way for the kids to have fun whilst learning , this gives  them a great way to spend their Saturday's. 

I for one learnt how to cook at a very young age more through visuals and these kids get a one on one/group experience which is great. Such things for kids puts Proverbs 22:6 into play. 

If you an interested in enrolling your child, niece, nephew you can contact Little Chef Cooking Club on 
Follow on Instagram @littlechefscookingclub 

The Club is planning a Christmas Special for December 5th, 6th and 13th and what a great gift it would be if you gifted a walk in lesson for a kid to have fun.