Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014- Its been a mouthful

All too soon the year 2014 is winding down, few more hours to go and it's not been an easy year albeit a fun culinary explorative one. 
I really don't know where to start from but would like to Thank all the foodies that have stuck through with me for a year and some change, the torture I put my followers who aren't in Ghana through... I know it's not easy.. Thanks to all the restaurants, bars , spots, chop bars and kelewele sellers for holding it down and keeping their standards on point. Thanks also to the Yawa restaurants for giving me the opportunity to rant and get you in check it was nice roasting you for the yawa services rendered lol. 
I have so much to be grateful for in 2014, starting off humbly in 2013 and looking back to how far I have come with something that I loved doing and how my followers and readers are grateful for the little that I can do to inform them of their choices in Ghana makes me proud. 
I can't wait for 2015 , will be bringing so much more and pushing the boundaries of food blogging and bringing more interactive features on TasteGh, won't want to spill all the beans before the newbies start replicating. Good luck to all the new foodbloggers creeping up am always open to give advice if u need it .

And always remeber to tell a friend to tell another friend about TasteGhana - Food Lovers Haven- Exploring Ghana one bite at a Time. And your feedback is always welcome along with any suggestions of where you would love me to try out and review. 

God richly bless you all . Happy New Year.