Monday, January 5, 2015

805 Restaurant - Newly Opened and Lost in Limbo

2015, started on such a high for me and irrespective it shall continue, I refuse to let this incident mar my year. 

So on 02/01/15 , I decided to go have lunch at 805 in Airport. I had heard a couple of reviews with some as harsh as "we hated" "it was basic" to "mixed grill was nice" . 

Eager to debunk any negative impression thus far I decided to try it out for myself. I ordered Jollof and assorted meat and my friend ordered spaghetti bolognaise, we sat and waited for more than 30 minutes  plus before waiter comes back and says "oh they are out of minced meat so would he prefer the bolognaise be done with corned beef "🙈🙈🙈. At this point I knew disaster upon disaster was soon to follow. 

805 is situated in airport, mind u a few meters walk to Koala Supermarket where  they could easily find some mince meat be it temporary. 

We had no choice but to switch his order to coconut rice and beef stew . 

After an hour or more my order came in ,Jollof  with assorted meat.