Monday, January 5, 2015

805 Restaurant - Newly Opened and Lost in Limbo

2015, started on such a high for me and irrespective it shall continue, I refuse to let this incident mar my year. 

So on 02/01/15 , I decided to go have lunch at 805 in Airport. I had heard a couple of reviews with some as harsh as "we hated" "it was basic" to "mixed grill was nice" . 

Eager to debunk any negative impression thus far I decided to try it out for myself. I ordered Jollof and assorted meat and my friend ordered spaghetti bolognaise, we sat and waited for more than 30 minutes  plus before waiter comes back and says "oh they are out of minced meat so would he prefer the bolognaise be done with corned beef "🙈🙈🙈. At this point I knew disaster upon disaster was soon to follow. 

805 is situated in airport, mind u a few meters walk to Koala Supermarket where  they could easily find some mince meat be it temporary. 

We had no choice but to switch his order to coconut rice and beef stew . 

After an hour or more my order came in ,Jollof  with assorted meat. 

The Jollof was passable nonetheless , slightly dry but knew the stew would moisten it to make it palatable . What was brought to me as assorted meat stew had one beef and two cow foot pieces or basically the fat and tendon parts, I asked the waiter what kinds of meat is usually in the assorted meats dish - he answered beef , lamb , innards, goat. None of which mysteriously didn't appear in the dish. They had once again run out of stock. 
The hostess was kind to change the dish to only a beef stew plate. 

At this point I didn't care much to take any more pics of food or anything, they had managed to dampen my spirit. 

I didn't taste the coconut rice nor the fish and chips plates ordered so won't go in on those , although the fish and chips was a bit of a struggle for my friend to eat from my point of view. 

Then came the wahala with the bill, there were some disparities on what had been presented on the bill and what was on the menu, I won't touch much on that because at the end of the day I will only pay for what I see on the menu as the final price. 

Now my little advice to any "African Restaurant" especially those in Ghana- 

1. Wake Up, you are in the motherland surrounded by readily available African  spices and ingredients for you to use to create exceptional dishes, you have no excuse to give mediocre stuff that cannot even compete with local chop bars unless we back in the famine of 1983. Lack of items may pass in your other branches but in Africa it's not an excuse. 

2. Be consistent. Each dish u decide to provide on your menu- and trust me there was a lot of food they provide on the menu, you need to make sure it is of good quality. If not, maybe putting less food choices on the menu may make it easier for your Chefs to be more consistent. Sometimes less is more. 

3.Service. We spent 3 hrs on basic dishes that should not take that long to make and the whole dining experience was regrettable. Customers want to get full value for the money that they are gonna spend. Most of your dishes can be made at home or gotten from any chop bar, so if a customer decides to spend more at your restaurant , the whole experience must be worth each cedi. 

4.A manager must always be present. Management is neccesary to control situations and manage the affairs as they come along, this was a non existent entity in your establishment, what may have resembled a manager just remained lurking in the shadow unperturbed.