Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jester of the Wings

It's been a while , I have been missing on the scene but been doing a lot of background work for something special. Anyways before I go into the wilderness due to work I decided to have my last urban meal at the newly opened 'Lord' of the Wings since I had been told to go try it since it is a franchise and purported to be good. So i started my journey from West Legon and braved the treacherous road to Junction Mall between Nungua and Tema, yes the struggle is real to go all that way to try it but I do it for my palate and for my dear foodies. They do have 2 branches currently open at West Hills Mall and Junction Mall.

The decor is a diner style , with cushioned cubicle tables and standard small tables and quite spacious albeit empty at the time I went there , the waiters were quick to meet, greet and a bit knowledgeable about what was on the menu. 

Browsing through the menu one will surely  be bewildered by the pricing of the meals there from poutine to standard fries down to the chocolate cake with high end pricing of 90ghc. 
Mind you I don't mind paying whatever once am assured to get good value for my money and a good foodgasm  is always worth it 😉 

I however settled for the chicken wings an 8 piece  with suicide buffalo sauce which I was told now comes with a side of fried rice or jollof rice a new addition , abi Ghanaians love their rice lol. This was at 46 ghc. 

As to my choice of what to drink, it was just a comical debacle. I didn't want to go with the obvious soda alternatives being shopped at 8.50ghc so wanted an Ice tea which I was told was a canned alternative which I declined. I then opted for their options of lemonade which was unavailable and then I was steered towards the 'fresh' juices , I asked what they had which he stated so I asked how big is the size of said juice in a glass , which he then let me know oh it's not fresh fresh juice its rather out of a juice box which I asked is it Minute Maid or something, which he replied ohh its Pure heaven. Now this is the kind of trade gimmicks I detest, you trying to sell me a juice box in a glass at 10.50 where said box juice cost on average 8 ghc a litre, I decided to decline to drink anything since they had nothing to interest me to drink. 

At this point I felt a dark cloud descend upon me  and prayed let this meal be worth my hustle. From where I was seated you can see the kitchen where the meals are prepared etc , so as soon as my wings hit the counter for pickup and delivery to my table my heart sunk my spirit wept at what I was seeing and what was drawing closer and closer to me.

Enter the Royal Jester

Placed smack right in front of me was the tiniest excuse of chicken wings I had ever seen, I was immediately transported back in time to my days in school when Tandoor used to serve us baby chicken wings but those were bigger done what I had in front of me. 

To be able to relate to the size I speak of take into consideration the blue cheese dip container in relation to the chicken wings on the left. 

The drumette measured nothing shy of an inch by an inch or less. As for the wingettes they must have struggled through the frying procedure because at point of presentation they arrived as chicken bones clinging for dear life onto the surrounding remnants of flesh and skin.

The suicide buffalo sauce was average and more of a standard buffalo sauce, the blue cheese dip was watery and kept dripping onto my clothes with each dip. 

As I ate what was in front of me the manager on duty approached me and I expressed dissatisfacfion. I was told they had an issue with supply. Being barely open a few months I don't really know what to say. 

This all seemed like a really bad joke, for a place charging such exorbitant prices to provide such poor standards and quality. In relation to what I had which was the wings I can only hope they get their acts in order. 

For a high priced establishment to even be positioned in those two capture areas , I wonder if due diligent market research was adequately done in relation to price point and socioeconomic structures of both areas. 

Some fellow foodies however gave me good reviews on their burgers. 

But from where I stand at court, the jester came out to play and the Lord strutted around like his cousin The Emperor who had worn new clothes.