Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Urban Grill – the best high-end Steakhouse in Accra?

 Urban Grill is believed to be the best high-end Steakhouse in Accra. The restaurant is nestled just above the equally popular restaurant/lounge, Coco Lounge at Icon House in Airport City.


As a lover of meats I had to try this new establishment as soon as it opened, so I eagerly attended Urban Grill’s launch night. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the decor of the restaurant. It was rich in character and texture from the glitzy, tactile cubic encrusted mirrored walls to the cozy leather lounge seats. I knew this place wouldn't be easy on the pockets, but once in a while one must indulge in the finer things of life, hence I braced myself to the astounding pricing on the menu. 


Cocktails and drinks average at 40ghc per glass. I settled on the Caipirinha, (for the uninitiated, this drink is akin to a sweet margarita) and did that cocktail hit the spot I had to have 2 for good measure to make sure it was really that good and not a fluke. 


For starters, I opted for ‘Squid Three Ways’ , a version stewed with sauce, another with salt and pepper and the other grilled with tomato, onions and hot pepper, Given the price of this starter, I was pleased with its large portioning, as it could be shared among 2-3 people. It was a delight to enjoy the different play on flavour for each variety of squid. 

I also sampled one of Urban Grill’s side dishes – Sweet Plantain Balls, which was actually a creative take on Ghanaian Kakro (spiced, plantain fritters). They were sweet indeed, making me eagerly anticipate the main course.

For the main course, with options from seafood to meats, I chose the Churrasco Skirt Steak With chimichurri sauce, medium well with a side of truffled chips. It came out looking majestic with simple yet appealing plating. The Steak with the chimchurri were a perfect pairing as they complimented each other quite well. The meat was flavorful and tender, almost tapering on being well done but I gave it a pass on account that it still had a hue of pink in the middle. 


I understand the dessert options vary on a daily basis at Urban Grill. During my visit, I chose the sticky Toffee Pudding in Anglais sauce, a decadent sticky, moist sponge cake, a pleasant comfort food I must say if you aren't counting calories.


If you looking for a slightly more intimate setting and upscale to suit your tastes, Urban Grill is the place or if just for a drink with some friends the restaurant opens out into its Al Fresco Cactus moon Bar but that's a tale for another issue.


Rating -3.5/5 

Pricing 4/5(cedi Sign)/High End 

By: TasteGhana