Saturday, February 13, 2016

The GrillRoom - Fiesta Residences

Are  you looking for a new place to dine  , are you looking for somewhere nice and exclusive. Then let me introduce you to this new restaurant tucked away on Liberation Road, Cantonments near Christ  the King. 

The GrillRoom , nestled within the plush condos of Fiesta Residences , a subtle space with leather finishing and intimate yet cozy decor - basically for now a little hideout - well after this blog maybe not. 

With a view of their pool and if you prefer an outdoor seating to dine that is optional. 

The menu is simple and the pricing is average , there are some high hitter prices but what you see is what you pay, no tax exclusive wahala here.  

For drinks , I tried the Banana Caramel plantshake which was a delight and a Caprinha, which I think if tweaked a little would have been passable .

For the main courses , we ordered Spare Ribs ,  Pork Chops with Brandy Flambe Sauce and side of Mashed Potatoes , and Calamari. 

Wait time was about 25mins for the food, in between that we were served with fresh out of the oven bread rolls. 

The food arrived and the plating of each dish was very mouth watering and beautifully and delicately presented. 

The Spare Ribs  looked sizeable but I could not truely appreciate it fully because the meat on the bone was sparse, but the seasoning was good- 

informed the restaurant of this and they have taken note, hopefully the next  visit would have more meat on to devour. 

The Pork Chops, boneless cuts resting on a bed of beetroots and carrot and vegetable medley were tender , flavourful and well cooked , because of its cut it was lean , no fat , no connective tissue, a prime cut indeed. The mashed potatoes was warm buttery , large portion and just right. The sauce pairing was changed to Bernaise sauce apparently it matched best with the Pork Chops . 

Last and certainly not the least was the star of the whole show. Unassuming on the menu, it stated Calamari with a brief description- Grilled and stuffed with a shrimp, beef sausage, herb and garlic filling. Served with light spicy Shrimp bisque and lemon grass ... 

The calamari gives a quite reminiscent feel of a Je ne sais quois , invoking my little French. Each bite was a nice surprise, this fufu looking plate lol. 
The seasoning the calamari and its stuffing and the shrimp bisque pairing well together and it was quite a filling meal. I've never had my calamari like this before. 

In all Chef Miguel who is from South Africa did quite well for my first impressions of this restaurant and hopefully I get to try more on their menu and hopefully you get to experience a semblance of what I had .

Below are some pics of some followers who I suggested the place too and their comments - 

"Romantic Ambience"

"Sizeable portions "
" Pricing is ok"

Rating- 7/10
Pricing- Average 
Service- Good