Thursday, March 31, 2016

Analyse This, Analyse That - "Have Your Say" Analysis of Best Burgers in Accra

So the results are in, these results are opinions of patrons of both facilities, who took time to participate and their personal take on what they prefer, some did make some comments on Instagram and Facebook . I will go on further to breakdown this poll and give a candid critic on the results.



I will like to officially state that both facilities are doing quite well but it all comes down to consistency and consumer preference and perceptions.

So Bistro 22 came out on top in this Poll for "Best Burger * " when put up against Burger and Relish.

Personally it does not come to me as a surprise but a huge blow in the sense that one establishments main selling point is Burgers.

Bistro 22 has a variety of just 4 burgers- The Original, The Signature , The Chicken and the Brie burger whereas Burger and Relish serves  14 varieties of Burgers namely, The Boss, Sloppy Jo, Classic among others.

Is this a classic case of less is more scenario?

I have personally had about 3/4 varieties of burgers at Burger and Relish , namely The Boss, Sloppy Jo , the Classic or so , they are actually an O.K passable burger but these were in the early days of the establishment and I have not been back for a  minute after my last incident of having a slider at the Accra Premium food festival. The slider was very off putting with a rancid, tangy beef patty that was not entirely palatable hence my hesitance of returning .

The slider from AccraPremium Food festival

Bistro 22 albeit burgers are not their main forte, but their consistency of churning out a good burger each time I have had it there is commendable.

The Original Burger - Bistro 22

Other suggestions of Labadi, of which I can only vouch for the Chicken Burger. - check out for their recent take on Labadi burgers.

When it comes to  Lord of the Wings of Jester of the Wings fame, I have not been back there since their first impressions I have had there but I have heard whispers of The American.

check this blog post -

Below are a few comments from Instagram and Facebook

Hopefully with the help of this poll although the sample pool is not enormous some inference can be made from it and customers concerns addressed accordingly .

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