Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunch Flow - Where to Eat in Accra, Ghana?

So the big question that I normally get is 'where to eat Lunch in Accra?' And not just anywhere something affordable and not over the top in price .

My friend recently tasked me with this and I was just going to give her a few spots here and there, but before I knew, this simple task became a whole blog post on its own.

So this isn't gonna be a this is best or better type , its just gonna state where and what and how much you should envisage spending.

Working in Accra and looking for Lunch can be a herculean task at  times , most want either a low costing meal or a mid range meal and maybe the occasional Friday splurge and be a little bit fancy .

So I will start of with my creature comfort of Osu, since I worked around that vicinity and work my way around Accra.

  There is this very affordable Jollof / Waakye Joint just on the Koala/Rabito Road, it must have a name but it escapes me, they start from morning around 8am to 5pm and average spend is 10ghc.

   One can also Try the Osu( Befa Rock) palntain and Beans in the Brown Wooden Shed close to Madam Clarises, if you are looking for that authentic beans in a leaf vibe, I have been buying it for more than 15 years and I honestly dont know how much it is I just hand her money and she serves me well , on average spend 5ghc.
Directions- In between Vodafone and Ecobank you take the bad road and cut across the crossroads onto the dusty rough road, about 200m you will see a brown wooden shed they open Mon to Saturdays 10am -3pm. ( Tell her Kobby the doc sent you see what that does lol.)

Osu Beans and plantain wrapped in banana leaves

 For a feel of some Francophone Zest peep through Madame Clarisse for some Atieke and Grilled Tilapia or Chicken with some plantain or her other side dishes. Average spend 30ghc up.

Atieke with chicken and plantain

You can also try the Waakye Opposite Arlecchinos on average spend 10-15ghc for waakye and all the fixings.

If you are also looking for Junk Food for the Soul you can Checkout Chix and Ribs, still good on a good day  or you can also still go to Frankies and believe it they ae still holding up, their burgers are still on point, sloppy the way I like it.

Fries and Ribs from Chix and Ribs

  Looking for a modest setting serving Ghanaian dishes such as Fufu, Waakye , Jollof , Red Red etc you can head a little into town at Ridge, you can find Swallow Restaurant within the Wildlife Society Premises. I have tried their Gari Fotor with a side of kelewele and also their jollof. They try to be consistent with their dishes and portions are favourable. Average pricing 20-25ghc.

Gari Fotor From Swallow

Jollof and Grilled Chicken from Swallow

For a little pinch in the pockets you can also have Lunch at Labadi Beach Hotel buffet , average- 120ghc per person and they change the menu daily so you can be pleasantly surprised with some variety if not you can always be pacified with their decadent desserts or build your own waffle.

Moving towards East Legon, I would recommend DNR Turkish restaurant and suggest you try their mixed grill platter which serves 2-3 people, it has sides of jollof, fried rice, fries, adana , chicken wings and assorted meats and lahmacun. The variety is tantalizing and filling, if not you can try their fried rice and wings. Average spend from 35-70ghc. Service is good on most occasions and food comes quiet fast.

Mixed grill platter from DNR

Although some people still do go to this facility I will mention it but will not recommend it unless you are looking for just something to eat and would not mind the ever present poor services and lack of change based on incessant poor customer reviews and complaints. I have not been there for years but try at your own risk  - Starbites.

I could go on and on about various places but I wil lend it here briefly for now.

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