Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Analyse This, Analyse That - "Have Your Say" Analysis of The Best Waakye in Accra

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, I got a little carried away but am back with many stories to share and a little surprise in the coming weeks.

So lets get straight to business. The poll is closed and the results are in, am not surprised but excited to analyze the results.


Waakye is one of Ghanaians favorite dishes that can be had for breakfast lunch or dinner, a very nutritious meal of beans and rice served with accompaniments of gari, spaghetti and/ or salad with stewed meat, fish , wele (cowhide) , the combinations are endless and one can be as creative as possible.

There are a lot of Waakye joints/ sellers in Accra and some have really created a brand and a niche for themselves and people travel far and wide for it, hence this poll to ascertain the best, just from a few popular named spots, out of many.

We will start of with the "Other" category that the voters suggested some of which I am aware of.

Aisha Waakye is a favourable choice but she is fairly new in the game and will need more valor to keep up with her predecessors .

Tema is not in Accra.

Afro Cafe if my memory serves me right is in Labone, I used to live just next to it and its always empty, never tried their food, they will need more publicity if what they are serving needs to be tried .

Katawodieso has seen its glory days, from the days of our parents even to my days in school, where we would either break bounds to go buy it or send the Stewards to buy their waakye or plain rice and stew, I dont know if their downfall was ever due to their brazingly rude sellers, those two women were something else, or the waning taste of the Waakye, but the former memories of their waakye were favorable and the talk of town then. Hype is good but when the Hype turns soar and negativity brews so do the customers fade out. 

Excel* Waakye is located in Airport opposite Gold Coast Accra Restaurant.  It's a bit different from the usual Waakye you would find in town, the color of the Waakye in and of itself is different, but what draws people to it is her very soft and juicy meat soaked in her stew which she chisels. 


It is a bit pricey and a minimum easy spend of 15-20ghc can be spent in the blink of an eye. It may not be known by a lot of people but I recommend them as a good Waakye if you are around that vicinity. 

I am not too shocked with the results from Auntie Muni Waakye albeit the hype is very strong for her place. Another strongly hyped place in Labone that has been in establishment for more than 20 years. 
Auntie Muni waakye- Pic by Ato Ulzen Appiah

In my opinion , the waakye must be forced down with plantain otherwise comes off as bland as can be. It's a cool Saturday and Sunday morning joint to hang out and see people but it baffles me to say what's really good about that Waakye. An easy spend of 15ghc and above exempt the fish it's the priciest in town. 

Arlecchino Waakye, it's actual name escapes me, but as common in Ghana , the location mostly becomes the waakye's name.

 Located opposite the former defunct Arlecchino's Gelato/ice cream shop in Osu after the shell, is a good alternative Waakye to get during the day and weekends. On occasion the Waakye may be soft and clumpier than usual but always bang on with the shito and their steamed veggies a key identifying feature for me. Average spend 10ghc-15ghc.

The clear winner in this poll is Extra O Waakye, one of few night Waakye Spots in Accra . 

Located after Nyamekye Junction on the N1 road in between the 2 Goil stations on the outbound road heading back to Achimota direction. 

I personally have been a patron for more than 20yrs, and despite some changes it still maintains a high standard. The Waakye is flavorful as a standalone, and her shito is spicy hot. 
It may come elusively expensive but actually is one of the most affordable waakye's in town , especially in regards to their fish which starts from 5ghc and a minimum spend of 15ghc-20ghc. Consistency is her key and being the few spots open at night she has created a niche and a demand for her food. 


It is clear that good Waakye comes down to personal preference from the consistency of the Waakye to the stew to the shito , this poll analyses in no way is an attack on these establishments which have been feeding generations for years, but just to help food lovers and ascertainers of good food the right direction to get their monies worth. 

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Do well to try these places and tag us in your pics and reviews. Thanks to all that participated in this poll.