Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Baritas - Area Codes

I woke up craving spring rolls today, so I went out and bought some from Barita's, at Atomic junction here in Accra. 


The last time I bought spring rolls, it was from Palace of The East Chinese Restaurant
at East Legon near American House and I deeply regretted it. They tasted terrible - who puts curry in spring rolls? And why were they  charging 20 ghc for 2 stupid spring rolls? That's a story for another

Barita's serves 4 plump, juicy, beef spring rolls for 11 ghc.


 I thoroughly enjoyed these spring rolls with the accompaniment of the sweet chilly sauce on the side. The spring rolls were fresh off the fire, so they were crispy and flavorful. Not too salty, just right.

I decided to get a main course meal, just to see how Barita's throws down in the kitchen. I ordered their Fried Noodles with beef - which is basically beef lo mein. From the moment I put a forkful of the noodles in my mouth, I immediately rated it 6.5/10. 


The noodles were decent, but needed some Hoisin sauce to consummate it. Usually when I
eat lo mein, there is a balance between sweet and savory flavors, for this plate of noodles, the sweet aspect was lacking... they were still decent though - don't get me wrong!

Barita's is a cool place to dine. I hear a good number of University of Ghana students frequent there, as its quite near the Legon campus.
Check it out - not every day expensive dining, sometimes, try a joint and get your life!

Spring rolls - 7/10

Fried Noodles w/ beef - 6.5/10

Saturday, July 9, 2016

How To Make Waakye without the Waakye Leaf

So I am not a recipe specialist, but have my own techniques I use and the food always comes out right. I will share a few of my tips here in the best measured way possible.

One thing about cooking is your preference is always the best way forward and being delicate with what u are cooking will always make it turn out right. 


So my easy steps for Making Waakye without the Waakye leaf, for those especially out of Ghana and may not have access to it. 

Baking Soda is the Key to this but u can also do without it. 

Preparation Time- 2hrs including soaking of beans period 

Difficulty -Medium ( but with my tips- Easy)


2 cups of black eyed beans 
3-4 cups of rice ( I used jasmine, but any rice you prefer can be used) 
2 tablespoons of baking soda 

As per the video on YouTube it short and simple with these few ingredients. 

1. Soak your beans for at least 30mins to an hour. 

2. Put the soaked beans to a boil after, I normally omit adding salt at this point. 

3. Add 2tbsps of baking soda. If you like your Waakye darker add a third. 

4. Add your 4 cups of rice. If you like more beans in your Waakye than rice add less rice in proportion to the Waakye .

5. Add salt 


6. Cover with foil to keep steam locked in and turn on low heat for 30-45mins to cook. 


Tips. After adding rice it may not look like the rice is getting dark but as it cooks and steams and settles it gets dark. 

If you do not like the taste of baking soda although u may not taste it at all, you can omit it, sail beans a little longer and go through same process, your Waakye will however look just a slight hue lighter than usual . 

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cafe Kwae - A tranquil zone in a bustling city

It's been a while since I blogged , but am working on something big and it takes time to perfect. In the mean time here is a little review from a TasteGhana Correspondent - I will chip in a few extra points.

Café Kwae is one of my new favorite places in Accra. From the reminiscent decor of a quaint Western Cafe with natural lighting from its architectural position to their subtly dim lit aura during the later hours.

The relaxing ambiance to the fresh, tasty food to the attentive customer
service - I have grown to love it.

Our initial acquaintance with this Ghana Owned Business was paved with mixed feelings. 

Initially had a Club Sandwich or mistakenly given a Chicken Cobb Sandwich and later on tried some skinny fries and chicken wings and tea.

Grilled Chicken Wings

Food was averagely good but I was not getting the feel of Value for Money,hence visited sparingly.  


A few months down the line and a few tweaks here and there I have met some passable consistencies. 


They have their own in-house cocktails and I have tried their Originator which was a basic mix of coke and Orijin and something not memorable to me now, but the Apata Bi Ase (Ginger ale, ginger syrup, lemon
juice with a shot of rum) cocktail which I think is new. 

Apata Bi Ase
On my recent visit, decided to splurge a bit, so I had the Café Kwae Rice Pot

(rice, chicken, calamari, shrimps, shallot, carrots, green peppers,
'secret spices')

The rice pot was yummy. It was quite spicy with the pepper they give on the side. I like spice, so it
was great! The cocktail was very gingery - each sip warmed my heart!


 I must say, the chefs at Café Kwae always concoct awesome, fresh flavors that are truly memorable.

Café Kwae is a pricey place to dine, but given the unique flavors they conjure, eating there is worth it.
I hope they can maintain their standards and quality service.
8.5/10 for both the rice pot and the cocktail!