Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Baritas - Area Codes

I woke up craving spring rolls today, so I went out and bought some from Barita's, at Atomic junction here in Accra. 


The last time I bought spring rolls, it was from Palace of The East Chinese Restaurant
at East Legon near American House and I deeply regretted it. They tasted terrible - who puts curry in spring rolls? And why were they  charging 20 ghc for 2 stupid spring rolls? That's a story for another

Barita's serves 4 plump, juicy, beef spring rolls for 11 ghc.


 I thoroughly enjoyed these spring rolls with the accompaniment of the sweet chilly sauce on the side. The spring rolls were fresh off the fire, so they were crispy and flavorful. Not too salty, just right.

I decided to get a main course meal, just to see how Barita's throws down in the kitchen. I ordered their Fried Noodles with beef - which is basically beef lo mein. From the moment I put a forkful of the noodles in my mouth, I immediately rated it 6.5/10. 


The noodles were decent, but needed some Hoisin sauce to consummate it. Usually when I
eat lo mein, there is a balance between sweet and savory flavors, for this plate of noodles, the sweet aspect was lacking... they were still decent though - don't get me wrong!

Barita's is a cool place to dine. I hear a good number of University of Ghana students frequent there, as its quite near the Legon campus.
Check it out - not every day expensive dining, sometimes, try a joint and get your life!

Spring rolls - 7/10

Fried Noodles w/ beef - 6.5/10