Friday, August 26, 2016

Encounter with The Counter

New franchises are opening up and making the food scene quite interesting, hence keeps my taste buds in a frenzy to try out what's new.

The newest baby is The Counter - Custom Burgers a new franchise in town. I decided to scout out the place and have a quick taste test to see how it fairs. 

Located in the Accra Mall's newly created food court space, sprung up from the defunct Rhapsody's; who would have thought that place will vaporize into thin air, but that story is for another day. 

The Counter Burger is an averagely decent space , well lit so I knew my photos will get some nice takes even though at night. It's a quite simplistic design with a little wobbly tables but what the heck I came for the food today on my 1st take not the aesthetics. 

The waitresses were quick to attend and handed us the menu, which was in a file design, a little cumbersome to navigate but luckily a friend was nearby - @thehappygrapeslife and she suggested I try "The Counter Burger" since she had been there this being her second visit. 

So I ordered "The Counter Burger" medium well,  which comes with garlic aioli, and I added  a side of skinny/shoe-string fries. 

The prices are a bit pricey but it's on average 5-10ghc less before tax compared to other places that serve burgers or so called gourmet burgers. Prices are tax exclusive which I think was an after thought on the menu - lol.

There is an option of building your own burger but I couldn't figure out how much that cost so wasn't trying to fluke and end up paying more for something I couldn't envisage . 


I was with family so we all ordered milkshakes - 3 in total - vanilla, caramel(not sure now what it was) and strawberry. 

So whilst we waited for the food, the milkshakes came in its all its glory- well just in a normal drink glass and a swizzle of whipped cream. 


The Good Good milkshake test- 
What makes a milkshake taste good? 
Well 1st major key , it should be thick and creamy and never runny, albeit some may prefer the thinner side of things. 

To test if it's thick, on 1st suck, yes sucking from a straw. You shouldn't find it that easy to suck it in one fell swoop, it will take some jaw muscles to pull it up. 
Well in my opinion.
The flavors too must also come through .

Well back to these milkshakes - watery and runny is what we got, a little disappointed though , it came with a dessert spoon so their assumption was it's a thick shake but was hopeful that the food better compensate. 

Food wait time is quite long 30-45 minutes. 

The Counter Burger on 1st sight , is a huge burger. Topped with onion rings, a blanket of melted cheese on the beef patty on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, I prayed this sight better not be deceiving. 


To test if they got my meat temperature right, a quick slice down the middle and voila I think they tried, I would give it a medium well bordering on the verge of well. 
The Brioche bread bun was soft and fresh.

The beef patty was quality if I must say so, and had a nice ground beef flavor to it with a perfect texture.

In comparison to other burger places priced at similar ranges my 1st experience there I would recommend but then again this is Ghana

The Second Visit- Testing Consistency

Am not one to normally blog about a place and go crazy on just the 1st take, I scout out the place and try a few things to get a better judgement, based on what I feel during a 1st visit. 

On my second visit I went with 2 other people who had the Counter burger and Chilli Burger , I opted for the BbQ bacon burger. 

Check YouTube for attached video.

I will keep this short. 

It was a basic burger this time round, nothing special to it or gourmetesque, just a burger bun topped with some oven done bacon and onion rings. 

The brioche bun today was not as fresh as my last visit. I stayed away from the milkshake this time I couldn't risk it. 


So in my opinion The Counter albeit new , I think is still finding its footing and it is worth a try and hopefully you catch them on a good day or stick to The Counter  Burger that I had. 

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