Friday, August 19, 2016

More to Ghana than Accra - Aburi Mountains Day Trip

When I started blogging , the intention was to showcase Ghana through the eyes of a Ghanaian and to showcase as much as I can and not only focus on what  I found in Accra, but as far and across Ghana that I could go.

There is so much beauty in Ghana,  and not only about Accra, so I will be putting down small segments of my weekend trips out of town and highlighting a few places.

Will start with my recent Day trip up to the mountains of Aburi.

Aburi is a town in the Akuapim South Municipal District of the Eastern Region of South Ghana. Mostly known for the Aburi Botanical Gardens, this rural area has been undergoing some urbanization with the springing up of small cottages and getaway resorts.

My first stop was a family owned Hotel , Little Acre .

The last time I went there was about 10 years ago and I was pleasantly surprised with the new developments there.

Still maintaining its quaint nature, with additions of new hotel/apartment blocks and its vast garden space and area.

I fell in love with the pool side overlooking the valley and  background of hills.


If you want to be undisturbed and one with nature this is the spot. Serene with a teasing of subtle modernization. 


We didn't want to be fussy with the complimentary food so we had simple yam and chicken and Fried rice and chicken. Simple sometimes is better. 

Food wait time can be from 25-35 minutes but that time lost in this rural utopia against the backdrop of lush vegetation made the wait tolerable. 


The fried rice was nicely done, moist and flavorful with some juicy oven grilled chicken - it's easy to go wrong with fried rice but this checked my boxes. 


After spending the day at Little Acre , we made a quick pit stop down the road at Peduase Valley Resort for a quick sip at their poolside bar. 

Peduase Valley is more on the urban / modern feel , it's like all you will get in Accra transposed up into the mountains. 


The menu is pricey but we just came for drinks , so I decided on the Margarita - safest bet when you want to sample a new place and test their skills. 

This margarita recipe was different, it had orange juice which clearly isn't the norm for a standard margarita . Was skeptical but what the hell.  

I asked if it was on the rocks or if it was Frozen . 

Frozen the waiter said. 

To cut a long story short , this mix was bordering on a schizophrenic Screwdriver and not in the least of a margarita. It was a watery mess , I for once was lost for words but they did offer to remake it after the bill came but I turned it down , there was no saving this recipe of a disaster. 

But to be fair their Pina Colada and Mojito was good hence Bernard the bar tender gets a pass. 


Will definitely visit again to sample a few things to get a better scope but for now stay away from the Margarita 

There sure is a lot to see in Ghana and hopefully you join me once again as I explore through my words, lenses and my palates.

Always bringing you the best.

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