Friday, September 9, 2016

Lemon Suya Chicken - Recipe

The long weekend is here, unfortunately am stuck in my mine camp, the hustle is real. But if you

have some weekend plans to do some cooking why not try my recipe for Lemon-Suya Chicken.

Jollof wit Lemon Suya Chicken and Goat meat

Feel free to tweak it to your preference and taste.

Making a good grilled chicken can be done in so many ways and versions, so today I share one of my
recipes using basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen or your local market.

We have all heard of Orange chicken and its Asian Influence and by all means the use of lemon in

cooking proteins mainly, fish, beef etc because of its acidity.

The Lemon gives the chicken a tangy and zesty flavor , and we all know Suya makes everything all

right with its peppery spiciness.

Lemon- Suya chicken 

A spicy chicken with a zesty , tangy undertone.


  • 1- 2 kg Chicken pieces ( drumsticks, thighs etc)

  • 1/2 cup lemon Juice for 1kg, 3/4 for 2 kg chicken

  • Lemon zest

  • 5 tablespoons of Suya/Tankwa pepper

  • 1/4 glass of White Wine ( optional)

  • 1 chicken stock cube

  • Black pepper

  • Blended ginger

  • 2 cloves of garlic minced/blended

  • Scotch bonnet pepper or 1 habanero pepper

  • Paprika

  • Pinch of salt

If u want more heat and extra tanginess u can add some Mustard.

If you want it less tangy you can add table spoon of sugar.


Wash your chicken pieces , choose to leave skin or skinless.

Add the lemon juice to the chicken

Add Wine (optional)

Blend your ginger, garlic, pepper.

Add to the chicken and add the Suya pepper, the black pepper, chicken stock cubes , dash of salt and

lemon zest.

Add Paprika- the Paprika will give it a reddish hue, otherwise the Suya will give it a yellow


Mix all ingredients

Taste to see if it agrees with your palate and add on if needed.

You should have a semi thick marinade that should not be too watery, and fairly coats the chicken,

make sure to put some of the seasoning under the skin if not skinless and using a fork gently poke


Marinade time can be from 2-3 hrs or overnight.

Marinade time depends on preference and type of chicken used. If using soft chicken , I marinade it


Reason for shorter marinade time is lemon is acidic and may toughen the chicken but after mixing all

the ingredients it is not too acidic in my opinion.

After marinade put on baking pan or grill as per preference.

Add little oil to marinade ad use to coat chicken whilst its cooking.

When ready dust with a little Suya pepper and slice of lemon.


Let us know if you try it out and tag us on Instagram.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

YajiChurri - Product Review

This is a long overdue post, the stresses of work takes a toll at times.

Acquainted with Yajichurri in Belize

Have you heard of YajiChurri , well if you have not this should get you acquainted.

So I have been following Dooneyskitchen for a while now and came across this sauce she makes

which had her "Tribers" ranting and raving. So I was waiting for the opportune time to grab me a few

bottles to try it out.

The task of getting it was indeed gonna be herculean, as there were no Angel carriers to Ghana yet,

but I had a lucky break that was gonna be my only way of getting my hands on this sauce that has

been making so many rounds on social media.

To be honest this Yajichurri had to travel a long way, From Dooneyskitchen to my friend in London

then all the way to Texas then to Belize before uniting with me and travelling from Belize to DC then


As soon as I received it in Belize I rushed to taste it. First spoonful, a spicy yet sweet taste and

lingering of suya pepper,onions and herbs. Yes Suya/Tankwa, mind you I did not know at that point

that Yaji was Suya spice ohhh.

It had some traces of blendeded herbs , maybe parsley and oregano inside and then it clicked could

this possibly be a blend of Suya and Chimichurri sauce but only Dooneyskitchen  will know the


Back in Baltimore I was ready to experiment this on everything that I had planned to cook.

I started of using it with chicken. Seasoned it solely with the Yajichurri sauce adding a little salt to

taste ad marinading it overnight

The outcome was not bad, but in my opinion I felt it needed something extra so I was gonna tweak it

around on my next batch of chicken where I added a little extra Suya pepper from my special spice

source in Ghana and Paprika and some other seasonings.

Results - Perfection

Experimented on Some Steak too

Next phase was to incorporate it with my Ghana Jollof, followed my usual recipe check blog link here .

and Youtube videos - here

I added a few spoonfuls of Yajichurri to it.

Outcome, the Jollof was a tad spicier than usual with a more darker yellow hue to it. Suya pepper does that, it gives it that yellow hue.

I enjoyed the new added flavor profile to the Jollof though.

Kelewele, had to add some yajichurri to my kelewele seasoning for Shege reasons.
not bad at all.

Kelewele with Yajichurri and peanut butter 

The penultimate was to try it on Fish , since Yajichurri is a fish seasoning primarily.

Snapper was my choice of protein.

After cleaning my fish and coating it with Yajichuri sauce solely and marinading it for a few hours,

 I popped it in the oven grill.

The fish turned out amazing. The flavor of the Yajichurri took well to the fish and everyone enjoyed it.
Yajichurri Ghana Jollof with Oven grilled Snapper and kelewle

In conclusion Yajicuri is a good sauce at a tolerable price for the volume and number of times you

can use,till it finishes.

In my preference not a standalone for my palette, I would tweak it here and

there based on what am preparing.

Kudos to Dooneyskitchen for creating this African inspired sauce- Follow her on Instagram - @dooneyskitchen and support African businesses.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Burger and Relish - A&C mall soft opening

Who doesn't love a deal and a steal? Last weeks 50 percent off on food had me lurking to Burger and Relish at A&C mall to sample whatever I could, cheaply.

I decided to go with a battalion of hungry foodies to be able to get an array of choices on food on 2 Separate  consecutive occasions. 

The new branch is smaller than the main branch but the aesthetics are well pleasing with leather seated booths and high bar tables and stools and an array of art on their walls. 

First Visit

Being familiar with the menu I went straight in for the kill- The Boss Burger - 63ghc * inclusive of Tax which is commendable getting food at face value price* , but at this deal I wasn't going to slack. Cheapskate u may say but c'est la vie. 

The other food options were the chicken fingers , Smokin Joe's. 

Drinks were - Chocolate milkshake, strawberry milkshake and Passion fruit margarita. 

On The Second Visit I opted for water you will
understand why soon.

I had the Boss burger on 2 occasions, both varying in taste but passable at that price. 

1st visit day -  beef was slightly heavy handed with salt, the burger patty doesn't hold well and almost crumbles with each bite, it was medium well though and accompanied by crunchy over fried fries tethering on burnt. 

The Boss Burger - Take 1

The chicken fingers were bland.

The passion fruit margarita was a miss, a forgettable drink at best, it was more a mocktail than a cocktail as 
I couldn't taste any alcohol or tequila , I can't recall what was mixed.

Beautiful Disaster

The  Milo shake, I mean Chocolate shake was the former than the latter. 

The strawberry shake was good though.

When I blog about food I may opt for a second redo of a place and giving that they were running a promo I opted to go again the following day 

I wanted to try the Ribs but they had run out of Ribs and basically most of the items on their dessert menu, coincidence or tactical. 

My second take of The Boss Burger on the Second Visit, was on the edge of bland with perfect fries and the bacon had gone AWOL. , but the Smokin Jo and Three little piggies were good. 

The Boss Burger Take 2

A huge improvement too on the hot wings , I asked for "extra hot suicide , kill me now sauce. "
Tender, spicy and just right.


To be fair it was a soft opening so these hitches may occur. 

Will check again soon to see if consistency can hold more than their beef patty.

Rejoinder - Food prices  are inclusive of Tax.