Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Burger and Relish - A&C mall soft opening

Who doesn't love a deal and a steal? Last weeks 50 percent off on food had me lurking to Burger and Relish at A&C mall to sample whatever I could, cheaply.

I decided to go with a battalion of hungry foodies to be able to get an array of choices on food on 2 Separate  consecutive occasions. 

The new branch is smaller than the main branch but the aesthetics are well pleasing with leather seated booths and high bar tables and stools and an array of art on their walls. 

First Visit

Being familiar with the menu I went straight in for the kill- The Boss Burger - 63ghc * inclusive of Tax which is commendable getting food at face value price* , but at this deal I wasn't going to slack. Cheapskate u may say but c'est la vie. 

The other food options were the chicken fingers , Smokin Joe's. 

Drinks were - Chocolate milkshake, strawberry milkshake and Passion fruit margarita. 

On The Second Visit I opted for water you will
understand why soon.

I had the Boss burger on 2 occasions, both varying in taste but passable at that price. 

1st visit day -  beef was slightly heavy handed with salt, the burger patty doesn't hold well and almost crumbles with each bite, it was medium well though and accompanied by crunchy over fried fries tethering on burnt. 

The Boss Burger - Take 1

The chicken fingers were bland.

The passion fruit margarita was a miss, a forgettable drink at best, it was more a mocktail than a cocktail as 
I couldn't taste any alcohol or tequila , I can't recall what was mixed.

Beautiful Disaster

The  Milo shake, I mean Chocolate shake was the former than the latter. 

The strawberry shake was good though.

When I blog about food I may opt for a second redo of a place and giving that they were running a promo I opted to go again the following day 

I wanted to try the Ribs but they had run out of Ribs and basically most of the items on their dessert menu, coincidence or tactical. 

My second take of The Boss Burger on the Second Visit, was on the edge of bland with perfect fries and the bacon had gone AWOL. , but the Smokin Jo and Three little piggies were good. 

The Boss Burger Take 2

A huge improvement too on the hot wings , I asked for "extra hot suicide , kill me now sauce. "
Tender, spicy and just right.


To be fair it was a soft opening so these hitches may occur. 

Will check again soon to see if consistency can hold more than their beef patty.

Rejoinder - Food prices  are inclusive of Tax.