Monday, November 21, 2016

Who's that Biish-ville?

Hi my name is Caroline, and this is my little take on my experience at Bishville Private Dinner which took place this past Saturday. 

Biishville is  a nomadic style dining experience by Kwame Amfo-Akonnor / Biishops. 

I was really looking forward to it because it's different, exclusive, and exemplifies fine dining. 

The event was to start at 6pm but true to Ghana time some guests turned up tardy.

We dined in the garden space, simple yet elegant table settings with beautiful arrangements albeit dimly lit. 


As we sat and waited we were serenaded with music and made small talk amongst ourselves .

As far as seating,  I would have rather had my own chair than a long bench. I couldn't adjust my proximity to the table/food and felt a bit further away from my plate. 

I managed to get a sneak peek into the kitchen to try and catch a glimpse of the background action .

Drinks were complementary with several options from sparkling grape juice, red and white wine  and sparkling water , enough to go around for everyone.

Each course meal was presented to us by Chef Biishops which gave it a personal touch. 

The first course was bacon and cheese crostini, an Italian appetizer but I enjoyed his take on this dish which I thought was excellent. It had just the right amount of cheese, was not too salty or overloaded with bacon, I would've liked the toast a bit more crispy (hence the use of baguettes) but that's my personal preference. 


The second course was buttered potatoes. When it was served I was afraid that it could potentially be too buttery but it was just right👌 the vegetables tasted great and the presentation was excellent. This ended up being my favorite dish.  


The third course was pan grilled pork with sautéed vegetables. I almost never eat pork so I was not a huge fan of this dish and although it did not taste like pork it was juicy and well marinated. you could really taste the flavor of it and the sautéed vegetables really added well to the pork. 


The fourth and final course - Dessert , was Nutella stuffed French rolls. These were absolutely delicious and so tasty and I definitely wanted more! just the right amount of crisp and Nutella and it wasn't too sweet. 


Overall I had a great first at The Biishville Dining experience and definitely hope to attend more in the future.

Editors Notes - on discussion with our scouter for this event , the serving times lagged on a bit in between courses. 
The food although well done seemed to not hold its entirety as standalone course meals and needed to be tied in together.
The buttered potatoes and pork could have been a standalone course but all these are technicalities to fine dining experience or course meal dining. 

Flavor profile and quality was good although portions were small . 

Value for Money - passable with the complimentary drinks .